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Ladies Discipleship President: Sis Yvonne Crawford

There is a new urgency today to usher women to the Lord, to help them be firmly grounded in doctrine and Scripture, and to enable them to know and explain the reason for their hope. Women must know God in a very personal, real way. Only in a relationship with God through Christ are we forgiven and washed clean; only in Him are we empowered for right living; only in Him do we have the sure hope of heaven. Only an intimate relationship with the Lord will keep women anchored in an increasingly amoral culture.

Men’s Discipleship President:
Bishop Charles Crawford

Ajax Church of God’s mission is to align with the Church of God in Ontario LifeBuilders to help men deal with issues that hinders their relationship with Jesus Christ and other fellowmen by exposing and destroying the strongholds and exploits of the devil. Our desire is that our men will ultimately discover how to follow Christ wholeheartedly, connect with believers strategically, and become the men of God they were created to be.


1 John 2:14

“I have written to you who are God’s children because you know the Father.

I have written to you who are mature in the faith because you know Christ, who existed from the beginning.

I have written to you who are young in the faith because you are strong”

The Youth Department is designed to help by equipping our youths with resources and by offering encouragement to help develop world-changers for God. The Ajax Church of God has a vibrant youth group that is poised to change the world.